We have a client who is a state school run by a not-for profit organization. Technically the owner is the state; operator the school, but this can be blurry and perceived as owner/operator. The dormitory building is being upgraded in the bathroom and public spaces (core) only. The bathrooms are being completely replaced, hallways and bedrooms are getting a face lift, paint /carpet; minor repairs. All exterior is remaining intact, windows, walls and roof additional insulation will be added to the roof, and a new (separate) ventilation system will be added, existing HVAC is staying inplace. NO outside work is occurring.

So we want to submit under CI, for two reasons, the existing mechanical systems are good they just need insulation & sealing on the duct work, more insulation on the roof and some general air sealing all around, and we can make more significant impact (higher rating) in CI.

I have read the rating system selection guide about 10 times and keep coming up with different thoughts: "if a particular rating system is appropriate for 60% or more of the gross floor area of a LEED project building or space, then that rating system should be used": - We fit this criteria with CI it is mostly alteration work.

"In terms of construction scope, these rating systems are appropriate for interior spaces that are undergoing alteration work for at least 60% of the certifying gross floor area. If the following two statements describe the project, then a New Construction and Major Renovation rating system should be used:
1) the entity conducting the work leases OR owns and controls 90% or more of the building that the space is located in
grey area, not a clearly defined owner operator role

2) the same entity is conducting new construction or major renovation in 40% or more of the gross floor area of the building (note that New Construction and Major Renovation rating systems requires 100% of the gross floor area to be included in the LEED project boundary)
we are not doing more than 16% new construction in floor area, only alterations and that is an additional 44%+/- of the space.

BDC would cause us to do so much more renovation that what is planned? This is an interior renovation/upgrade and I have gone back and forth 10 times on this. Any help?