I'm supporting the Police Regional Training Center project here in Northern Colorado (not yet registered for LEED v4 BD+C: NC ). The project team is attempting to verify that our project will comply with MPR2: Must use reasonable LEED boundaries. The construction scope will consist of a development of 44 acres and will incorporate the following items:

1. 4 Mile driving track
2. 400’ x 600’ concrete skills pad
3. 21 lane indoor firing range that will include motor vehicle use
4. Admin building which will have classrooms, restrooms, office, storage and other spaces to support the firing range and driving track.

The facilities departments from both city governments hope to certify only the Admin building and the site adjacent to the Admin building, including the parking lot. They would look to excluded the remaining portions of the construction (1-3, see list above) from LEED certification to maintain a cost effective approach but make these portions energy efficient. We are aware that we may exclude portions of construction when it serves the LEED project, IF at least one of the following two conditions is met: 

(1) The facilities are not a part of the LEED project construction scope. 
(2) The facilities are physically separate from the LEED project by land not owned by the LEED project owner (or, if on a campus, physically separate such that the inclusion of the facilities in the LEED project boundary would be difficult or unreasonable).

The indoor firing range will have a separate HVAC system.  Is our logic sound and are there any further steps we would need to take to justify our planned LEED boundary to exclude the 4 Mile driving track, 400’ x 600’ concrete skills pad, 21 lane indoor firing range?

Thanks for your time,