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Josie Plaut

Associate Director

Institute for the Built Environment


Josie Plaut serves as the Associate Director for the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University. Josie helps project teams, communities, and organizations realize their goals and aspirations through designing and delivering effective group processes. Josie is known for framing complex issues, working across boundaries, and elevating collective thinking. Her work is driven by the belief that positive change is possible when we focus on evolving relationships with each other and the places where we live and work.
Josie has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops, strategic planning processes, organizational development programs, and a variety of public and stakeholder engagement initiatives. Her current work is focused on climate response, equity, community planning, transportation, and regenerative business. She is a published and cited author on the topics of regeneration, sustainability, and green building, and is regularly a featured speaker for regional, national, and international events and conferences. Josie is a lineage member of the Carol Sanford Institute, former faculty for The Regenerative Practitioner Series at the Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice, and a Patterson Center Certified StratOp Facilitator.