This may be more in line with MPR #1, but it also has to do with the LEED boundary so I'll post it here first.

We have a project that includes 4 separate structures, with 1 being on an noncontiguous site: two have occupied spaces ("complete buildings") and two are open-air structures with roofs but no walls (and no building systems). My first thought was that the only buildings eligible for LEED certification are the two with occupiable space, and that the LEED boundary should only include those two. But since the development as a whole includes all 4 structures, I'm not clear on (1) including all 4, and (2) how to delineate the boundary.

Has anyone dealt with something like this before? All 4 are permanent buildings, but only two could be considered "complete" buildings.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one! I've tried searching for similar projects but haven't found any yet.