I am looking for guidance on the appropriate LEED rating system for my project.
This project has 2 buildings - one is NC and the other is renovation of an existing building. I think the renovation qualifies as 'major renovation' (while the structure doesn't undergo change, there will be new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems installed. Exterior walls will have new cladding and the roof may be renovated. The occupancy will be phased out/relocated during the time of rehabilitation.)
The building is located in Staten Island, New York and is owned by a City Agency. It is a garage and is not meant for tenant fit-out. The building will house City vehicles for storage and provide repair services. There will be administrative offices with male and female lockers, break room, male and female lockers, showers, and a multi-purpose room. The entire building will be heated.
Can you please provide guidance on which rating system is more appropriate for the existing building ?

Secondly, if it is BD+C NC, can I submit both buildings together as one project? Will the timeline be affected since the construction of both will be sequential and not simultaneous?

Thanks in advance for your response.