We are in the preliminary phases of a design for a lake resort property. Under the scope is a new restaurant, new hotel, new laundry, new outdoor dining, new outdoor events center and then upgrade/remodel of existing conference center, existing cabins, existing restroom facilities, existing gift shop and existing bath house. The owner wants to register this as one project and I have the following questions: 1.) Can/should this be considered a Campus project to avoid the still awaiting group functionality? My initial thoughts were to register it as a group but it is my current understanding that this is not yet possible under "Part 2" has online functionality. 2.)Does the fact that we have significant Square Footage in existing buildings and significant SF in new buildings change any of my spproach to this? The fact that the resort is one "cohesive" operation I would think it would be possible but I wasn't sure how to incorporate some EBOM and some NC. I am still not sure of affected SF versus new. 3.) Any recommendations on the ideal approach to take?