We have a project that wants to pursue LEED v2009 certification. The building is mixed-use but mostly residential (2 levels will be for commercial use, 4 levels for office and approx. 20 for residential apartments).

The commercial and office spaces won’t have any interior fit-out done, and the residences will have the hard floors installed, and kitchen + bathrooms + walk-in closets all furnished, but not interior fit-out will be done on the rest of the apartment (bedrooms, living room, dining, bar), only the hard floors will be installed in that areas.

It is also important to say that lighting and HVAC won’t be installed.

Since most of the project is residential we thought that it could be certified under New Construction but now that we know that lighting and HVAC won’t be installed we are thinking it could be Core & Shell.

Can we pursue for a Core & Shell certification?

Thanks in advance for your time,