We are doing a project to develop a manufaturing faciltiy for our company. The company is interested in following the green initiative hence they have decided to go with LEED certification.
Our site is about 14.5 acre land and we will be developing 3/4 of the land during the phase 1. There will be a factory building which will be about 100,000 sf which would be the main building. Then there would be facility building adjacent to factory which is around 30,000 sf and it comprise of the toilets,showers canteen , compressor & chilller rooms. And there would be other buildings like creche, waste storage etc.
My question is can I go with the normal single building 2009 NC certification just for the main building? My compressors , chillers, most of the toilets are not included in this building.
or Do I have to follow AGMBC and register the site as master site and get the certification for the main building?
Thanks You
Please help me.