We have a project that comprises 2 office buildings, a parking garage, and a support building with seminar rooms and staff amenities. We have almost determined that a Group Project Certification is the best approach. However, I am confused about how the Group Project Certification will affect the prospects of this project achieving the credits that we have targted.

Specifically, this below is taken from the AGMB (Oct 2011 revision):

"A group project pursues one certification and rating for the entire group and must use the
credit specific documentation paths included in this guidance. Where credit documentation is site‐wide or aggregated from multiple buildings or spaces, points are awarded to the group based on the performance of the project as a whole. For credits documented on an individual building or space basis, points are awarded to the group BASED ON THE LOWEST PERFORMING BUILDING (caps are mine) except where noted (for example, EAc1) in the credit specific information in the appendices...."

It is unclear from Appendix A, which Credits are affected by this "Lowest Performing Building" stipulation. E.g., if the office buildings achieve IEQc8 , but the support building (which is only about 1/10th the size of the office buildings) does not, does it mean the entire project does not achieve those credits?

Thanks for any advice in this.