I am working on a LEED EB: O&M project and wondering if you could provide guidance as to whether the following would be an acceptable alternative compliance approach to achieving EQc1.5: IAQ Best Management Practices: IAQ Management for Facility Alterations and Additions in lieu of doing the flush out procedures listed in the Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Reference Guide. The EQc1.5 requirements for flush out are geared towards commercial buildings, so they aren’t applicable to or feasible for our project because our project is a multi family residential building.

We are proposing to use the requirements from the LEED for Homes Pilot for Mid-rise Multi-family Buildings Program Guidelines, Version 1.1 EQc8.3 as an alternative compliance path to meeting the flush out requirements of EQc1.5. The requirements are copied below:

EQc8.3 Preoccupancy Flush (1 Point).
• Flush each unit with fresh air, according to the following guidelines:
• Flush prior to occupancy but after all phases of construction are completed.
• Flush the entire unit, keeping all interior doors open.
• Flush for 48 total hours; the hours may be nonconsecutive, if necessary.
• Keep all windows open and run a fan (e.g., HVAC system fan) continuously or flush the home with all HVAC fans and exhaust fans operating continuously at the highest flow rate.
• Use additional fans to circulate air within the home.
• Replace or clean HVAC air filter afterward, as necessary.

Would this be an acceptable approach to achieving the flush out portion of EQc1.5 for our project? We would also be providing the IAQ Mgmt Plan required by EQc1.5. We are just proposing alternative compliance with the flush out portion of the credit requirements.

Thank you for your assistance.