There is quite an issue of concern on LRV weighted average calculations on our project per the EQc6 credit, as the project team requires an urgent response to this, please see details below:

Background Information

With regards the EQc6 - Interior Lighting credit (Surface Reflectance: Strategies E & F), In calculating or determining the final weighted average Light Reflectance Value (LRV) for the Regularly Occupied Spaces (ROS) in a mixed-use light industrial building complex, comprising of the Administrative offices, Control Centre and Maintenance/ Welding shop areas. All of these adequately fall under the category of ROS.


A challenge has been met in calculations regarding the ceiling LRV weighted average as the Maintenance/ Welding shop area, made up of a double volume high roof zone has no ceiling installed and accounts for about 25% of the ROS calculation.

The administrative offices and control center areas account for the rest and have ceilings meeting the 85% LRV; in this situation I believe it is fair to exclude this section of the building as the NO ceiling or Exposed ceiling characteristics can not be defined as having to contribute towards the ROS count, since the requirement is 90% ROS contribution.

Now another challenge is finding a balance, as the Walls and floors adequately have materials that contribute favorably to the ROS requirements.

Thank you all as always for your insightful and timely assistance.