Working on a historic renovation of a school building. Two building reuse questions:

1. Same as a question above that didn't get much response - Some exterior redwood siding will be reused, some must be replaced. All the stucco will be redone. Should the reused exterior wall area be based on these envelope materials or on the fact that the exterior wall structure (framing) will be intact? The difference is the exterior walls being about 15% reused, or 100% reused (I know floors, roof deck, interior structural walls go in to the calc too).

2. The language for MRc1.1 has always been very clear that structurally unsound or hazardous materials should be left out of the calculations. However, the same language has never been included in MRc1.2 (previously, NC v2.2 MRc1.3, also Schools 2007 MRc1.3). Is it assumed that hazardous materials (e.g. moldy gyp board, asbestos) should be removed and not counted in the calculations, or is this one of those unfortunate situations where we should remove them and lose the credit as a result? If hazardous/contaminated materials can be excluded from the calculations, do you just leave it out of the "total" area?