I am starting a project in which we are building a new addition to an existing hospital which will be approx. 30 000 m2 (considered separate building from existing hospital). In the same scope of work, we will build a detached noncontiguous emergency generator building (350 m2) on the same hospital site, but 360 m away from the new addition. The generator building doesn't have FTE, there will only be a technician coming once a week to test the system. As I understand, group approach only works for buildings that are substantially similar, which is not the case. Then, in the "Special project situations" section of the reference guide, it is mentionned that hospital projects can include more than one physically distinct structure in a single LEED project certification without having to use the Campus Program, but since the new addition is more than 2320 m2, I believe I cannot apply this exception. It leaves me with the campus Approach, which requires to register each building individually, and claim site credits with the Campus registration. If it is the case, I wouldn't know in which LEED Rating System to include the emergency generator building. 

So, my two questions would be: 
1- Is there a way to include the emergency generator building within the same LEED project as the new addition (that would mean a LEED project boundary separated in two). 
2- If I can't include it in the new addition LEED project, under which rating system could I register it ? 

Would love your feedback, thank you in advance !