I am working on a NCv2009 project, and it is considering using MRp2 Solid Waste Management Policy as an Innovation Credit. I have a two part question.

As this is a prerequisite with related credits, does LEED require the NC innovation credit involve both creating the policy and then following the guidelines of each related credit? Almost making the prerequisite and three associated credits a "package" of sorts, similar to how LEED treats IEQp3/c1 Green Cleaning? This would make the minimum percentages from MRc7, MRc8 and MRc9 all applicable, right?

Assuming the above is true, when looking at MRc7 On-going Consumables, has anyone had any luck using waste to energy count in the required percentage of reused, recycled or composted waste stream? The new building I am working on sits on a campus. The current buildings compact their waste, which is then burned by the local district energy provider. This building will likely do the same, and I am curious if this will help their percentages at all for this credit.

Thanks for your help!