My client has access to the following program:

Pre-purchase a 20 year commitment to a 100% renewable, local energy product from the local power provider (EverGreen from Sonoma Clean Power). The cost of the pre-purchase will be determined by the annual electricity usage in Kwh from the T24 2013 energy code documentation multiplied by the cost premium of the power provider’s 100% local, renewable product over the power provider’s standard product. The pre-payment would be paid into an account for building additional local renewable sources. Once built, the occupant of the commercial space would pay the default product rate for energy while receiving the 100% local, renewable product for twenty years. The benefit would remain with the tenant space or property if it is sold, just like a solar array.

I believe the local utility, community choice aggregator CCA, has also petitioned the State of California to allow the use of this program in place of the State required onsite solar PV as well.

Do you think that we use this program in place of an onsite solar PV array?