We have a University Dorm project and it is understood that we would be required to have at minimum 1 control for each dorm room. The mechanical system provided has 1 FCU for every 2 dorm rooms. The question is that within v2.2 there has been projects having this credit approved by using a shared/averaged controls set up with with this same mechanical system and the narrative as follows:

“Student dormitory rooms are provided with a four-pipe fan coil units with a space thermostat. Where a single fan coil unit serves two adjacent student rooms, a space temperature sensor is provided in each room. EMCS programing will allow for independent selection of the method of control for each of these fan coil units. Control method 1 (average) - control space temperature based on average of space temperature and an average of space temperature set points. Control method 2 (select sensor 1) - ignore space temperature sensor 2 and control from space temperature sensor 1. Control method 3 (select sensor 2) - ignore space temperature sensor 1 and control from space temperature sensor 2.”

Does this type of controls set up comply with v2009?

Thank you,