we are the GC on a 200+ yr old building being renovated as part of a LEED project (there's also a smaller SF new addition.)

the very significant building is over 200 years old and is in the historic french quarter and was home to two very well known families. The credit calculations for MRc1.1 do not take this into account. I feel that there are several significant features of the house that are being restored and reused that don't really seem to get their credit due under this credit. ie. an aeolian organ & wall screen being restored & put back into the house, reuse of marble fireplace mantles & surrounds, historic balcony railings & building facades that make the french quarter look so special & exterior wood stairs, etc. I realize some will say to include such items in C&D waste recycling but I feel due to the project's historic significance what we are saving should be weighted more than what we took out which was non historical & non significant. 

Any ideas? any experience from reviewers comments?