Hi All,

I’m working in a LEED project that will be a building for the training of teachers, It is planned to have conferences, meetings and there will be ‘’laboratories’’ that is more a kind of rooms for different areas, for example: Body lab is just a room for dance, Bricolaje room is an open space with tables for make whatever thing (write, assemble things, use laptops, etc), TV room will have cameras, computers and televisions, a reading room, there will be a library, an auditorium and administrative offices, etc.

Teachers will be able to choose any course and assist to that class in some specific schedules. In the other hand there will be conferences in the auditorium.

I’m not sure if the building classified as a ’’Core Learning Space – Other Space’’ or as ‘’Public Assembly – Other Assembly’’. But mi question is if I consider the project as a ’’Core Learning Space – Other Space’’ do I have to use the LEED requirements for ‘’Schools’’?

Thank you very much