We have a client pursuing LEED NC certification for a new building that will be an addition to an existing building on their campus. They are currently in the process of installing a PV array on an existing garage in the campus. The PV array will be outside the new building’s LEED boundary and will be completed prior to the new building. A percentage or all of the solar power generated from the PV array will go towards the new building pursing NC certification. I understand that in such a scenario, if the PV array is under the same ownership but not within the LEED boundary, we can count it towards EAc2.In addition to the EAc2 credit, as this renewable energy helps offset total annual building energy use, can it contribute towards EAc1 as well? Also with regards to the requirement of not allocating the same solar power to another LEED project, in the future- would this apply to the building’s future LEED EB certification as well