Dear All,

We want to buy RECS for our project but I am confused about the quantity to buy. We performed an energy model and the total electricity demand for the project is 4,000,000 kWh. I don't think we have to buy 35% of 4,000,000 kWh to comply with the credit (i.e 1,400,000 kWh annually and then purchase it for two years which becomes 2,800,000 kWh). On the form for EAc6 total electricity consumption (i.e 4,000,000 kWh) has been automatically included from EAp2. Next step is to determine the Core and Shell electricity usage. We can edit only the tenant use in the form.

My question is how to determine/write the tenant electricity use on the form based on energy modelling of 275,000 sq. ft. building project with 4,000,000 kWh and finally determine how much quantity of REC we have to buy for our project?

Kind Regards,
Saud Abdul Rasheed