Our particular project consists of a 400sqm 1 floor "Box" (walls and roof) to be built in its entirety inside a much larger existing warehouse, which itself is part of a large industrial complex (besides the floor, no surface of the "Box" will have direct contact with the exterior). The project will consist of 3 separate spaces, 1 to be used as office space and the other 2 to be used for specific manufacturing processes. A new AHU will be installed for air supply and exhaust exclusively for the "Box", but will be using cold and hot water from the chiller and boiler feeding the entire building.

The whole building is the property of a single owner and the activities which will be performed inside the "Box" do not vary from the ones performed in the spaces around it (it is all manufacturing). The owner has no interest on certifying the entire building, so my question would be: would this project be elegible for LEED certification under v4 NC, or v4 CI for that matter? I do not seem to find such case in the "v2009 Supplemental guidance to the MPRs" and the requirements under v4 seem a bit to vague to assess whether this project would be elegible or not.

Thanks in advance for your help!