i have a certified project under NC v 2009 it was registered on 5/30/2010 the certified project consist of

1- a building that consist of a ware house zone labour zone and administration zone

2- Three empty plots for future extension ( as in phase 1 extension , phase 2 extension and phase 3 extension ) each extension will consist of a ware house space building and will be supported throw the admin and labour zone in the main certified building

now the owner decided to go for LEED for the first phase so i need to register phase 1 extension , then in the future phase 2 ... etc , how can i identify the new LEED project boundaries for the three phases , or can i apply for AGMBC after the main project is already certified ?

Knowing that the LEED boundaries were first set to include the three phases + the certified building because of truck circulation and main entrance and exit of the project