Parts of these documents seem contradictory. For example, the USGBC residential midrise simulation guidelines include the 2015 Energy Star MFHR simulation procedures and the 2017 Energy Star MFHR simulation Simulation Guidelines-Appendix G 90.1-2016. The 2015 procedures state " Heat Recovery. No heat recovery shall be modeled in the Baseline Building Design, unless it is required by local code or Appendix G for specific field conditions (see Section G3.1.2.10) applicable to baseline systems. Heat recovery is typically not required in multifamily buildings." 90.1-2010 provides criteria (Table for exhaust heat recovery requirements - required for 100% outdoor air in most climate zones for any size system, and Appendix G states "G3.l.2.ll Exhaust Air Energy Recovery. Exhaust air energy recovery shall be modeled for the budget building design in accordance with Section".  In this case, and more generally, which set of provisions prevails?  Is there a guide for this?

Simulation Guidelines-Appendix G 90.1-2016
Version 1.0
December 2017