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LEED Documentation Tips from LEED Reviewers

Custom-built support for LEEDuser members

LEEDuser tip sheets, written by our team of LEED experts, fill gaps in knowledge we’ve observed between the LEED Reference Guide, LEED Online, and LEED Interpretations. We update them regularly so that our members get the most relevant guidance for current issues on their projects.

If you're not completing quality LEED documentation, you're going through extra reviews, which means extra time and money, and possibly losing credits, LEED certification levels, or even your whole LEED certification.

Understanding how to complete quality documentation is key to success with LEED, and it's not hard. In this CEU course, we've boiled it down to the most important tips, with the help of input from LEED reviewers who work at Green Business Certification Inc.

LEEDuser expert

Tristan Roberts


The Laurentia Project, HPDC
Technical Director

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