I am looking for clarification on the Zone Discharge Airflow (Vdz) and Zone Primary Airflow (Vpz) values under the multiple zone systems. The spreadsheet note for Vdz states it is the expected discharge airflow to the zone. My understanding is this is the maximum airflow for the zone. The spreadsheet note for Vpz states it is the lowest zone primary airlow for VAV systems at design conditions. Should Vpz equal Vdz for a cooling system? Or should it equal the zone minimum airflow(~30% of maximum airflow)? I have seen many interpretations and forums stating Vpz should equal the zone minimum airflow. This seems to conflict with the system primary airflow (Vps). The spreadsheet note for Vps states it is usually less than the sum of Vpz for VAV systems. If Vpz is the zone minimum airflow, it is not possible for the Vps to less than the sum of Vpz.