From what I have seen on other threads in this forum, wood ceilings & walls (tiles, slats, planks, panels, etc.) are expected to comply to CDPH. These ceilings typically have multiple components (composite core with veneer or solid wood, strapping, fabric, etc.) and the variations in size, shape, species, materials are almost infinite. In fact, we specialize in customized panels to the extent that almost no two projects for us are the same. Also, take into account that the material we use are basically commodities - we have to take whatever is available. A particular brand of MDF might meet CDPH requirements, but when we go to manufacture the product, that brand might not be available (e.g. the plant might burn down, like happened to the Arauco particleboard plant in Grayling). Does anyone have any experience on how this works out practically? Is it possible for us, as a manufacturer to become CDPH compliant when we have such a massive range in products & materials? Appreciate any insight into this, as we are starting to get a lot of V4 & V4.1 projects.