I need this information urgently. We recently got 83 points for a project after final construction review and 1 point was pending. This pending point is actually Regional priority point, as we already got 4 RP points. Now when we tried to accept the result, the LEED online asked us to first withdraw the pending point. The problem is, there is no withdrawal for RP point hence when I tried to withdraw it, the whole enhanced commissioning credit was withdrawn (as this RP was related to enhanced commissioning). Hence we were only left with 78 points. As we are targeting platinum, 78 points are not acceptable. So I clicked appeal button and previous scorecard was restored (with 83 points). It is again showing 1 pending point. We are confused as we dont want to go for appeal and we also want to withdraw RP point. Not sure how to do it, I have written to GBCI regarding this and still awaiting a response. Did any one received the same issue before? If yes, what to do now?