I’m looking for some help with the Commissioning Authority experience. The first question is:
How do I know which projects are similar managerial and technical complexity than the project I’m working?
Let me explain me better, I work for the Costa Rica Government. We have been doing commissioning for long time on the different electromechanical systems of a power houses on hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and solar plants, for example: turbines, powers generators, HVAC systems, high pressure pipe, gates, transformers, electrics substation, electric system (lighting and power), control system, etc. All of this experience is on a group dedicated to commissioning on all generator plants.
Now we are working on a Data Center and office building larger than 50.000 sf, and we want to know if we can designate this commissioning group to do the commissioning for LEED EAp1.
The commissioning group is not into the design or construction team. The commissioning belongs to the owner.
Thanks in advance