I am working on a project that consists of 4 buildings. 2 of them are targeting certification and 2 of them are not (due to the fact that they would not meet MPRs). The two buildings targeting certification are currently registered separately on LEED Online. (NC 2009). The majority of design side credits have already been documented. The established LEED project boundary for these two projects is a bit arbitrary as in reality they share site amenities such as storm water collection, parking, etc. Is there any advantage to going back and attempting to use the AGMBC for certification? It seems to me that if a review team looked at the site plan, it would be clear that the LEED Project Boundary doesn't make sense.

As part two of the question...is there any requirement to use the AGMBC in this type of situation? I've e-mailed and called GBCI with no clarity of answer. Please help!!!