We are building a high-rise residential building in a tight urban (Boston) site that is under 1-acre in size.

Since it is less than 1-acre, the GC does not have to obtain a EPA NPDES permit or create a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Our documents do include Specifications that require Erosion and Sedimentation Control measures, requiring compliance with Boston regulations. And they require compliance with EPA NPDES -- except NPDES's 1-acre exclusion excludes the project from that requirement...!

So, it appears no one is required to actually create more of a CAPP "plan" than that which is in our Specs, mentioned above.

Any thoughts on if we comply with LEED's prerequisite or if we need to do more for a plan?  Other than we know that we need to document the measures as they are installed.