Hi All, I have a question on how to handle a project where construction will continue after the projects building is complete and ready for occupancy.

Background: The project includes a building with a surrounding site roughly 8x the size of the building footprint. Construction of the building and the parking lot to support the building/occupants will be completed before the construction on the site will be completed (Roughly 1-2 years earlier). The additional site construction that remains is some infrastrucutre like roads and land thats associated with the operations of this maintenance facility. The roads, parking lot and some landscaped area associated with the office portion of the building will be complete when the building is done. 


1. Essentially, what is considered "substantial completion" in this case? Specifically, at what point can we submit the construction stage submittal in a split review? As construction on site will continue, so will the need to document MR Construction Waste and SS Construction Activity Pollution. Do we have to wait for everything to be done (Building + Site), or can we submit when the building is done and just show a history of the ESC and CWM tracking to prove these measures will continue until construction on site is completely finished?

2. Besides the MR and SS credit mentioned above, is there anything else that we might not be considering?

Any assistance helps, thank you!