I am very confused on what standards I should be using for this credit (and IEQ 4.1). My project was registered on 9/21/2011, my understanding is that I can use the NC & CS standards per the erratum (in lieu of the LEED for Schools requirements), so am I supposed to use the GS-11 Third Edition (August 17, 2011) for Architectural paints and coatings, GC-3 January 7, 1997 for anti-corrosives and anti-rust, and the SCAQMD rule 1113 7/1/08 for clear wood finishes, floor coatings, stains, primers, and shellacs? My contractor is trying to assert the standards indicated in the 2009 edition reference guide (GS-11 1993, GC-03 1997, and SCAQMD 2004) are the limits that need to be met. Are we to use the newer versions or those indicated in the reference guide? Any guidance / clarifications would be greatly appreciated.