I've been researching mirror mastic. I have a LEED letter from one manufacturer, which manufactures a 230 g/L mirror mastic, which states "... neither products fits in a specific category for adhesives under [SQACMD 1168] ... For products that do not have a specific category, the VOC limit is 250 g/L as noted in Rule 1168 (c) (1) ..."

The referenced SQACMD paragraph states:

(c)(1) "Unless otherwise specified in paragraph (c)(2), a person shall not apply
any adhesives, adhesive bonding primers, adhesive primers, or any other
primer, which have a VOC content in excess of 250 g/L less water and less
exempt compounds. "

This rule covers a lot of ground for people struggling to put their square peg into the round hole of SQACMD. Be careful, through, because if ANY of their more restrictive categories are listed as a use on the product data, that more restrictive rule applies. I can't find any reference to mirrors or glass in rule 1168, except "Structural Glazing Adhesives" which are only applied to exterior situations, so I'm going with "No Specific Category" unless someone can steer me right. What [random adhesive] are you trying to fit into SQACMD?