I refer to Donald Green's comment from April 9 2014, "GBCI really wants all buildings in a Group Certification to be very similar, that way the Group Credits can be documented easily. Otherwise you may have issue when trying to document if the buildings are too different. Sounds like a Campus approach with a Master Site may be the best way to go for this project......

Review the new AGMBC issued on 4/1/14."

This makes sense to me.

Until I read page 10 of the April 2014 LEED Campus Guidance - "For O&M projects, all buildings....in the group must share the same space type (or must be eligible to be rated as the same space type in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager)." This implies the "similarity" criteria applies only to LEED EBOM, no?

Further down on page 10 of the Campus Guidance "For credits that must be documented on an individual building or space basis, points are awarded to the group based on the lowest performing building except where noted in the credit specific information in the appendices."

Does this mean that if one building in a Group achieves 12% of energy savings, while another achieves 40%, that the Group as a whole achieves only 12% energy savings?

I have been trying to get clarification on this one issue for the past year - on this forum, from USGBC....to no avail.

Does ANYBODY know?

Thanks in advance!