Hello! I have an inquiry about a WE credit which I describe below:

At the WEp Indoor Water Use reduction calculator Tool Calculation, in the table "Flush fixture" and "Flow fixture" there is a column that refers to the percentage of occupants, my question is: which is the percentage with I have to fill the table  in the case of men urinals? if we have already taken in to account  the percentage of men that are able to use it in the part that ask “Percent of males expected to use restrooms with urinals”.Thus, Do I have to fill the table with the same percentage in both?

The following is an example case:

If a Building has 8 women restrooms and 8 men restrooms that one of each has an urinal: The value that I have to use in “Percent of males expected to use restrooms with urinals” would be: 1/8 = 12, 5%. Otherwise in the Flush column, fixtures would be:

Female toilet: 100% percent occupants.

Male toilet: 87.5% of occupants.

Urinal: 12.5% ​​percent of occupants?

Am I right?

I will be very thankful If anyone can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.