Hi LEEDuser,

My name is Nirwair (Student, University of Alberta) and I am looking at a WELL feasibility for one project. Thanks for my inquiries before and I appreciate prompt replies.

Through our work, we are promoting WELL Building Standard in Alberta, Canadian market. We are preparing three magazine articles which will explore WELL Building Standard Introduction and Canadian Interest in WELL.

Since, we are submitting them as magazine articles, we are looking for some high quality images that we can include with our article. Please help us with following queries:

1. Can we use IWBI logo with our article (any royalty associated with it)?
2. Can you help us providing 3 high quality (eps format) images from WELL certified spaces that we can include (with reference) in our article?
3. Is there any copyright issue for above requirements?

Thanks for supporting. I hope we can promote WELL through our work. Looking forward for your answers.