Per the LEED Credit Library, there seems to be confusion, or room for interpretation, on how to pursue Whole Building Water Performance Measurement for an Innovation credit in BD+C projects. (Reference

First - can you clarify if the total potable water meter for the entire building is required to be automated/electronic reporting? In the EBOM rating system, the whole building meter seems acceptable to be hand-read, however the statement "This is acceptable if the meter is electronic data-logging readings but not acceptable if it is a plan to hand-read weekly." in the Innovation Catalogue contradicts this.

Second - (grammar punctuation makes this confusing) please clarify if the whole building water meter is required to have automated DAILY readings per the Innovation approach for BD+C projects? The Innovation Catalogue states 'Additional Requirements for Innovation credit:', but it is unclear due to lack of a comma if the DAILY readings are required for both the whole building AND one subsystem, or just for the one subsystem water meter only?

Clarification on the above two items will greatly help guide BD+C projects to accurately pursue and document this credit approach since the LEED credit library is lacking for all supporting resources and interpretations. Thank you!