We are working on a project which comprises 11 buildings (2 of these are parking garages, and 3 are support buildings). We are evaluating whether Master Site (campus) or Group certification is the most appropriate approach.
One of the strongest objectives in the project is 100% of wastewater treatment on site- process that develops in only one water treatment system located within the LEED boundary. The reason we have only one water treatment system is to make the treatment process more efficient as well as achieving energy savings by using less pumps for recirculation for its reuse on-site (all toilets and urinals).
The AGMBC states that WEc2: Innovative Wastewater Technologies "cannot be pursued as a campus credit. Each LEED project referencing the Master Site may pursue the credit individually". Does this mean we cannot achieve this credit if we decide to go with the Master Site approach? It would be absurd to separate our system into 11 smaller wastewater treatment plants, but it also would not be fair not achieving this credit since 100% of the wastewater is treated and reused on-site (while the credit requires 50%). Not only, we are being able to treat some of the water to make it potable for drinking fountains.
Thank you!