Dear LEEDers,

Question : We would like to monitor & manage the construction waste for the whole site and then pro-rata by surface area the recycling percentage for each building office & hotel. Is using pro-rate surface logic possible for LEED and still be awarded the credits for MRc2?

Scenario : The building is under triple certification : HQE, BREEAM & LEED. Both HQE & BREEAM accept the pro-rating system of monitor & management of construction waste for the total whole site and then pro-rata by surface for each building. One single project, consisting of an office building & hotel building in a very built up area with limited space. Both buildings are on the same site, have the same project owner, the same management team, the same general contractor, the same waste hauler company etc.... Note: The waste will by weighed and sorted off-site by a national reorganized waste sorting / recycling facilities. Both buildings, and construction methods and materials are similar for the buildings. HQE and BREEAM have accepted the pro-rata logic.

If the pro-rata is not acceptable it mean we need to separate the waste into to two waste management systems on a single site. This is virtually impossible due to space restrictions. It would also add significant cost and logistic implications as the project is located in one of the most dense sites in Europe.