Can anyone help me understand the language in Walkable Site #3? It says:

"The primary façade has a minimum building-height-to-street center line ratio of 1:1.5, e.g. a minimum of 1 unit of building height for every 1.5 units distance from street center line to building façade.

  • Building height is measured to the eaves, or the top of the roof for a flat-roof structure, and street center line is measured to the façade. For building frontages with multiple heights or widths, use average heights or widths weighted by each segment’s linear share of the street frontage.
  • If building’s distance from the street center line varies, then the project can show that the majority of the primary façade (by percent) is within the appropriate minimum building-height-to-street center line ratio."

Does this mean that the street has to be 50% wider than the height of the building?