I am inputting a regularly occupied space in the calculator via the sidelighting prescriptive method. The Zone Floor Area is 148 SF (which is the nearly the size of the entire space), the Window Area is 90 SF, and the VLT of the window is 0.45 (45%). Thus, this space is very well lit, but when input in the calculator at this VLT (which works perfectly fine with my other rooms), the VLT x WFR is 0.274! And when I decrease the Zone Floor Area (as the calculator says is allowable) the VLT x WFR only increases greatly! I.E. when I input the minimum zone floor area the VLT x WFR becomes 0.362.

Is there an explanation to this? Is it bad if this space is TOO well lit?? Or is there something off with the calculator.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you