As an interior fitout in a multi-tenant building, I've always assumed it's reasonable under LEED to pro-rata the number of whole building long-term bicycle parks and showers based on fitout floor area versus total building floor area. Please let me know if that's not acceptable, but that's not my main question!

My main question is: does short-term bicycle storage need to be pro-rated in the same way?

To ask the question in our particular context - our fitout is 1,766m² in a 43,000m² building. Under this credit, our project needs two short-term bicycle parks. There are two hoops outside the building, i.e. four bicycle parks. Would this be adequate, or do we need to ensure there's enough short-term parking to serve the whole building - therefore (theoretically) ensuring there's parks available when visitors to our project need them? And if so, how could we go about determining the number of peak visitors for the overall building?