Hello! I'm working on a project and we can only achieve Modular/Movable Casework, Vertical Expansion and Horizontal Expansion. On the LEED Reference guide, v4, It states that we can choose any three of the following:


Increase building flexibility and ease of adaptive use over the life of the structure by employing at least three of the

following strategies.

·· Use interstitial space. Design distribution zone utility systems and equipment including HVAC, plumbing,

electrical, information technology, medical gases, and life safety systems to serve the occupied zones and have

the capacity to control multiple zones in clinical spaces.

·· Provide programmed soft space, such as administration or storage, equal to at least 5% of departmental gross

area (DGA). Locate soft space adjacent to clinical departments that anticipate growth. Determine a strategy

for future accommodation of displaced soft space.

·· Provide shell space equal to at least 5% of DGA. Locate it such that it can be occupied without displacing

occupied space.

·· Identify horizontal expansion capacity for diagnostic and treatment or other clinical space equal to at least

30% of existing floor area (excluding inpatient units) without demolition of occupied space (other than at

the connection point). Reconfiguration of additional existing occupied space that has been constructed with

demountable partition systems is permitted.

·· Design for future vertical expansion on at least 75% of the roof, ensuring that existing operations and service

systems can continue at or near capacity during the expansion.

·· Designate space for future above-grade parking structures equal to 50% of existing on-grade parking capacity,

with direct access to the main hospital lobby or circulation. Vertical transportation pathways that lead directly

to the main hospital lobby or circulation are acceptable.

·· Use demountable partitions for 50% of applicable areas.

·· Use movable or modular casework for at least 50% of casework and custom millwork. Base the calculation on

the combined value of casework and millwork, as determined by the cost estimator or contractor.

BUT on the leed online form for design flexibility it only gives us 7 options; It has merged vertical and horizontal expansion into the same option though they can be separately selected when expansion capacity has been chosen. We are wondering if this would be one of those special circumstances moments where we would only pick two options, Modular Casework and Expansion capacity, fill out the form and then in the special circumstances explain ourselves. If not then the credit would be scratched. Anyone have any Ideas?