Hi all,

We are working on a warehouse project which is implementing a strategy for supplying the outdoor air by using a roof exhaust unit and forcing the supply of OA through the intake louvers; so the outdoor airflow would be induced by the negative pressure generated by the extraction, but we are not sure if this strategy can comply with the Minimum Indoor Air Prerequisite and ASHRAE 62.1-2010:

Could this be considered an acceptable strategy (as long as we get the minimum OA rates per the VRP) under mechanical ventilation system?

If so, how can we keep compliance with filters and outdoor air monitoring requirements? Or could we use the exception under 6.2.1 Outdoor Air treatment:

Exception: Systems supplying air for enclosed parking
garages, warehouses, storage rooms, janitor’s closets,
trash rooms, recycling areas, shipping/receiving/distribution areas

​Or would this need to be considered under a Natural Ventilation strategy?​

​Any insight is appreciated. Thank you,​