My projects can follow the Ventilation Rate Procedure in ASHRAE 62.1-2007, sections 4 through 7 without bigegr problems. The only thing that is difficult is that we have garages under the buildings that have a lower exhaust rate than stated in ASHRAE. In the garages we always have CO and CO2 monitors. There is no way that a project of mine would increase exhaust rates to the rates stated in ASHRAE as these are not motivated in our country and since this would mean low energy efficiency, which is an important issue in a cold country. We would like to say that we follow the Ventilation Rate Procedure in all cases of the building except for in the garages, where we would like to follow some form of Indoor Air Quality procedure instead. Is this possible? Would it comply if we have monitors in the garage?
Our local code is more stringent when it comes to outside air rate (100 %) so the other option is to just follow the local code, including the garage rates. Local code does of course take into account number of movements in the garage, number of parking spaces, average driving distance in the garage, probability of congestion and so on when determining ventilation rates. The limit for CO is 50 ppm when ventilation rates have to be increased.
The intent of the credit is to have a good air quality in the building, for the occupants well-being!
Please give me opinions and feedback since this has caused a headache for a long time now.