I would like to determine if a project could be certified. The project involves three buildings - a landfill administration building, a vehicle maintenance facility, and also a storage and fueling station for garbage trucks. i have already dealt with the "multiple buildings" issue elsewhere.

The storage facility has a "slow fill" natural gas fueling station in each vehicle bay. These take all night to fill the tank. So it is not just a parking garage for trash trucks, it is also a fueling station. Additionally, the roofs are made out of solar panels, providing a large amount of power for the project. Is GBCI likely to allow this building, since it has more features than a simple parking garage, or will they insist it is just a parking garage? Or perhaps they do determine it is a parking garage only, but will it be allowed to be included if it is a certain percentage of the project? What fraction of the project can be a parking garage and still meet MPRs?