The title of Table 1--"Points for Renewable Energy Procurement" is confusing, as it includes Tier 1.  As you indicated under another comment in this credit, it is possible to procure onsite renewable energy.  Our client will own and install a PV solar array on their property and will retain all RECs for the installation.  The solar array was sized to offset the electricity for several building projects on the client's property. The RECs will be allocated to each project fed by the solar array and those RECs will be retired for each project allocation. So 2 questions:

1.  For Table 1 do I ignore the word "Procurement" in the title?  In other words, if this project is allocated RECs from the onsite PV installation equal to 20% of the total annual energy use, my project will earn 5 points--correct? 

2.  I assume the 10 years refers only to procurement, as presumably, a PV installation lifetime will exceed 10 years--is this correct?  Or is this project required to allocate RECs equal to 20% x 10 = 200% of total annual energy use to earn the 5 points?

thanks very much.