We have a LEED-NC 2009 hotel project and are trying to determine if we conform to interpretation ID#10203 of 07/01/2012 allowing certain hotel, school and other multiple-building projects to register as a single LEED project.
On the site there will be one large hotel building, perhaps 240,000 SF, and a collection of small outbuildings housing a spa, pool equipment, a few bungalows, etc. None of the out buildings are over 25,000 SF. All are located on the single site within the hotel gardens.

We thought we qualified, but then we hit part 6, which says:
“Any single building structure in such a complex that is larger than 25,000 square feet must be registered as a separate project, or treated as a separate building in a group certification approach”
Does this mean:
1. Any building besides the main building that is over 25,000 SF must be registered separately or
2. A main building over 25,000 must be registered separately and the rest of the site becomes a second registered entity?

Thanks for any insight on this!