My colleague Nadav Malin has been investigating this credit and just wrote up the following about it, which he emailed to me:
On June 17, 2011, USGBC released a completely revamped pilot credit on demand response (see the credit language and submittal information at the top of this screen). Demand response refers to technologies and protocols that allow facilities to shed electrical load during times of peak demand, reducing their demand charges and saving the utility companies from having to fire up additional power plants.
The original pilot credit, released in the Fall of 2010, was criticized on several points. In response to that criticism, USGBC convened a working group of demand response experts and developed the revised credit language. Key changes are:
1. The elimination of on-site generation as an option to earn the credit.
2. More focus on automation technologies, including the addition of manual/semi-automated as well as fully automated demand response options.
3. Detailed submittals covering the modified achievement options.
4. Additional guidance on process, including initial assessment, training, and financial analysis.
The expanded submittal requirements in the revised credit should provide USGBC and the industry at large with more useful feedback on how facilities are using demand-response technologies. USGBC is also planning to collaborate with others in target markets to actively promote demand response generally and the pilot credit in particular, in an effort to promote its use.
What do you think of the updates to this credit?