Our project is the remodeling of an office space with existing restrooms, which will be equipped with new fixtures and we had to add a restroom with one toilet for ADA compliance. All toilet have the same gpf. The reviewer has asked us to define a separate user group for the ADA restroom. We have no handicapped people in the company. The office workers can use any of the restrooms. They are all right next to each other. The reviewer argue that this restroom would make some man use a toilet 3 times a day instead of once. Does anyone have a somehow reasonable approach on how to estimate/ calculate the number of men, which would use the toilet as an urinal?

I have worked in the property management of office buildings before and from my experience it has to be a very very small amount of people. They usually use this separate restroom to have a long undisturbed session, if anything.

Any thoughts, experience or otherwise would be highly appreciated.